PG News and Leather and Lace with a Little Teal Plaid on the Side!

I have an exciting new announcement! I have been asked to be the writer for the Global Snapshots portion of Wanderlust and Lipstick, a blog and tour site for female travelers. I will be giving tips on traveling abroad with your gear, HDR photography on the go,  How to take Panoramas with any camera, and sharing some of my personal travel stories.

wanderlust and lipstick


Please take the time to sign up for my Global Snapshots Blog to follow my musings. I originally intended the Porteen Gear blog to be my personal blog for writing, but I am going to keep it open for new product information on the Porteen Gear store. I will be posting weekly on Global Snapshots and will be reviewing photography gear as it related to travel with a little help from B & H Photo. You can subscribe in the box directly under my profile and bio here: Global Snapshots

A couple of new designs in the Porteen Gear store today! I have a new Teal Plaid and a beautiful leather with a Lace imprint. Porteen Gear Leather Camera BagPorteen Gear Camera Bag

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