Porteen Gear in August issue of British Vogue!

Porteen Gear Vogue

We’re in!

I am happy to announce that Porteen Gear is seen in the August issue of British Vogue! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new visitors and encourage those to visit the Porteen Gear store. There are two places you can visit to get your Porteen Gear bag.

To start building your own custom bag, visit: The Porteen Gear Bag Builder.

Porteen Gear Store

Then, visit the Porteen Gear Etsy Store to shop around or find design inspiration for your custom bag!

Porteen Gear Etsy Shop

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements as Porteen Gear will be adding new fabrics and designs!





3 thoughts on “Porteen Gear in August issue of British Vogue!

  1. Kia ora Robyn,

    I’d like to order a Medium DSLR Bag.

    I’m liking a couple of designs below – the second row on first column in yellow with tan and teal; and fourth column first row – the teal and brown, though I’d like to see this with possibly the yellow accent on the bag just below this.

    I had a look at your bag builder app but couldn’t see all the leathers and fabrics loaded there.

    Is it possible to see a “mock-up” of the second bag I mention above, and also larger image of the first bag?

    Could you also recommend a camera wrist strap that would look fab with either of these?

    Thanks Robyn 🙂

    Rachel Nankivell

    • Hello Rachel,
      I am not sure which bags you are referring to (below?) I have a bunch of thumbnails on the last blog post, but the colors are not matching up with the bags you are referring to? I would be happy to work with you on designing a bag, I cannot make mock-ups due to having over 200 leathers and not cutting any parts until I have orders. I can make suggestions. You can start with a couple of your favorite fabrics, send me links or screenshots and we can design your bag around those. Please email me at robyn@porteengear.com since I do not check here at my blog every day.

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