Flash Sale to Celebrate Australia Day on Now!

Australia Day

15% OFF on all orders over $50.00 Through Monday!

To celebrate one of our top selling countries, Use Coupon Code: AustraliaDay to get 15% off from now until 6 PM EST (-5 GMT) Coupon code works in our Etsy store and on the Bag Builder.

While Australia is in the middle of their hot summer months, the Porteen Gear Studio is in the middle of Winter and dreaming of being on those beaches!

Use Coupon Code: AustraliaDay to get 15% off from now until 6 PM EST (-5 GMT)



Please pardon our remodeling of the online presence of Porteen Gear! Until our transition is complete, there are two places you can visit to get your Porteen Gear bag.

1. The Bag Builder:

Here, you can be the designer by picking swatches of fabrics and leathers to design a bag that is unique to your personality. All six sizes are on the bag builder in the standard formats. You can go add your bag to The Cart right from here and pay with a credit card or Paypal.

(If you want any different customizations or add-ons, you will need to contact us so we can make a custom listing for you in our Etsy store.)

To start building your own custom bag, visit: The Porteen Gear Bag Builder.

Porteen Gear Bag Builder

2. Custom Bag Orders and In Stock Items:

We are still on Etsy and this is the best place to contact us for custom orders for different styles of bags, (Tuscany, Verona, alterations to the flaps). You can also find bags that are ready for immediate shipping and all of our camera straps and misc. items.

Porteen Gear Stock Bags

Visit the Porteen Gear Etsy Store to read the reviews, design and find inspiration for your custom bag!


Valentine’s Day is coming up! Give the Gift of Design with a Porteen Gear Gift Certificate!

Gift Certificate Porteen Gear





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