The Porteen Gear Bag Builder has been updated!



Our Bag Builder has been updated just in time for the holidays!


New Features: img_3906

  • Choose Your Flap Style right on the Bag Builder
  • Add Options – Dust Flaps, Luggage Sleeve, and Hardware Upgrade
  • Vegan Leathers now available!
  • New Fabrics and Leathers
  • Share your Design on Facebook or with friends
  • Fabrics are now listed by category – Tweeds, Florals, etc.
  • Laptop Bag is now available on the Bag Builder



You can pick your size on the first page of the Bag Builder and see samples of each one.

Gift Certificates are a great way to give the Gift of Design! Any denomination available or cover the entire cost of a bag with shipping included.


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Holiday Shipping Deadlines Already Here?

Holiday Deadlines
Where has the year gone! The holidays are approaching fast and so are the deadlines for custom orders  that can be made in time for gift giving.


Custom Order Deadlines
(for camera bags that have to be made)

International: –  November 18th

US: – November 28th

Non-US customers:  Please keep in mind that these are suggested dates. Customs offices worldwide get busy during the holiday season and your orders might get delayed going through. Please order as soon as possible to guarantee delivery before Christmas.


IN Stock items Deadlines
(for already made items that can be shipped immediately)

International deadline: December 9th

US deadline: December 20th (last day for shipping!)



Gift Certificates – Give the Gift of Design!
emailed versions can be purchased right up until December 24th.

Gift Certificates good at:

4 Amazing Apps for Nighttime Photography

Stars Over FarmI have had a recent fascination with photographing the night sky. It all started with a trip to a cabin in the woods in northern Michigan this summer. After quickly becoming bored photographing green ferns and woodland scenery, I planned a night shoot of the Milky Way. I became hooked!

After that, my poor husband was at the mercy of the weather and the timing of the Milky Way with late night drives out into the countryside to get away from the light pollution of the city. (yes, I am still scared of the dark!) It gives me a sense of security to have a tagalong or fellow photographer, especially out on the back country roads in the middle of the night.

It did not take long to figure out which apps would help me with this venture and take a lot of the guess work out of the positioning and best time to catch the brightest part of the Milky Way. You can lose a lot of sleep and miles driving if you do not plan ahead.

Sky Guide App

App #1: Sky Guide

This App is amazing in that you can pre-plan a photo trip into the future by using the Time & Date setting. If I want to look ahead to next weekend, all I have to do is put in the date and approximate time I want to go out to see the Milky Way. It will let me know where the Milky Way is by direction and position above or below the horizon. You can point your device in any direction and it will show you the position of the Moon, Sun and all of the stars. You can even select a star or planet and it will give you a detailed description. You can go years into the future with this app.

Cost: $1.99 – by Fifth Star Labs

Storm App

App #2: Storm

This is my favorite weather app. It’s very important to know the predicted weather and cloud cover for your upcoming photography adventure. There is nothing worse than driving 2 hours to your special location and not being able to see the stars. Although there is always a chance of haze, even the lightest cloud cover can ruin a great shot. It always helps to study the weather beforehand.

Cost: Free – by Weather Underground LLC

Dark Sky Park

App #3: Compass

This app has turned out to be really important for me to verify which direction I am facing. Even though Sky Guide has a built in compass/tracking feature. I find that my iphone can sometimes be about 15 degrees off with this app, especially inside my vehicle. I like to verify my direction with the compass app. It can be hard to see the Milky Way with the naked eye, especially in low light polluted areas. The compass app will help you set your first shot up in the general direction.

Cost: Free

App #4: Photo Pills

This app is especially helpful when you are new to night photography. You can use the Exposure Values chart to get basic guideline for setting up your camera. It will have some nighttime settings for photographing the moon, with recommended aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It even includes a Milky Way planner. I have not used this app to its full potential, but I have used the exposure chart.

Cost $9.99 – by Photo Pills


I am sure that there are multiple apps out there that work just as well and would love to hear our feedback on what works best for you!


All Photography Copyright by Robyn Porteen






Scottdale Invasion! Press Trip in Arizona.

Scottdale Invasion! Press Trip in Arizona.

Saguro Lobby

By now, some of you may be wondering why there is a flood of Arizona photos hitting all of the Porteen Gear social media. Don’t worry! Team Porteen is still in the studio in Michigan making all of the orders! I was invited to take part in the Scottsdale, Arizona bloggers trip called the Scottdale Invasion. It is a great way to showcase an area that would be a great travel destination and also a great opportunity to field test Porteen gear.


You will be seeing the trip as it unfolds for the next 4 days and then I will be back in the studio. You can also see more detailed reviews of the resorts and restaurants on my Global Snapshots blog at

For this trip, I have taken a Compact Camera bag and turned it into a blogger bag with Ipad Mini, Iphone and a Fuji XT1 camera. Turns out it is the perfect size! I even fit a wallet, sunglasses and a light jacket on top. I will be reviewing the Fuji XT1 and the different used of the compact camera bag.

Page One Automotive even gave me a brand new Toyota Camry to drive so I can showcase that on my desert adventures!


Stay tuned….. Robyn Porteen

All photography copyright – Robyn Porteen

Disclaimer: This experience was provided free of charge for review purposes by Scottsdale CVP, but all opinions expressed are my own.