Sneak Peek! The Shorter Version of the Convertible Handbag!

I have had requests for a shorter version of the convertible bag, and I love the size of this one. It has the same footprint of the taller bags, except the new version is 3 inches shorter. It’s a great bag for those of you who like smaller handbags. You can still get a full sized DSLR in there but only with a short lens. These bags are better suited for the smaller interchangeable lens cameras and e-readers or the Ipad Mini in the inside pocket.blog1a



The front of the shorter bags come in the new Keyhole Design. You can pick 2 leathers, one for the top and one for the bottom of the bag, and a tapestry or decorative leather for the keyhole cut-out.  This one is sporting the Cheetah Cow Hair leather. These will be up in my store soon for pre-order or custom order.

All of my convertible bags are also available without the inserts as regular handbags.


Stay tuned for the Porteen Gear Photo Contest coming soon with great prizes!

Sneak Peek! The Porteen Gear Handbag – Part 1 of the Convertible Camera Bag

Here they are! AND you can design your own from the Porteen Gear leather and fabric list! I am so excited to be releasing these, that I am showing the first two completed bags. This is part one of my new camera bag system. I am finished with the design of the outer bag. This is the handbag part of the Convertible system and can be purchased alone as a handbag. I will be working on the inserts next week. I plan on selling the bag and insert together as a unit, and also individually so you can have more than one type of insert or maybe one insert with different styles of bags.

The exteriors are leather with a tapestry front panel, adjustable leather strap, hard bottom and two exterior waxed canvas pockets on the back.


Inside – An Ipad insert pocket that could also hold any other tablets smaller than the full sized Ipad, a narrower pocket for glasses, and a zippered pocket for stashing.

Outside: Two open pockets in the back for Phone and easy to reach items.


handbag2These bags are made by hand in my Grand Rapids Studio. I will be offering them for sale within the next two weeks. Most of my current leathers and all of my tapestries can be used for this design. If you would like to make a pre-order, just send me an email with your choices to

You can copy/paste this, filled out with your choices:

Accent Fabric:


Interior Fabric:

Canvas Color for Back Pocket:

Ireland Workshop Inspires New Products!


After 2 1/2 years of no breaks, I took a much needed trip to Ireland for a leather working course to hone my skills. Dingle, Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world (in my opinion). I took a 1 week leather course at Holden Leather Goods, learning how to work with leather by hand. I brought home a beautiful handbag, made entirely by me! I would recommend this course to anyone who loves working by hand. Dingle is a very relaxing town on the western coast of Ireland that has that feel of history and timelessness. There are no trains, taxis or the hustle and bustle of city life. Conor Holden and his staff are very laid back and Conor has 25 years in the Handbag making business. You can see their upcoming dates here: Holden Leather Goods.   If you need any recommendations on where to stay or some of the castles and historic sites that are great to photograph in Dingle, feel free to email me. The great thing about traveling to Ireland, the flights are very reasonable and the plane is never full if you fly into Shannon International airport.


I did decide to travel without my pro gear for the first time and felt a little more  like a tourist than a photographer with my Nikon J1. It shoots just about as good as my Canon 5D MKII. The manual controls are kind of a pain to get to in the menus. The biggest plus was the light load in my carry on bag.  Since it is white and came with a white strap that got dirty very easy, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back to the states is design a nice leather camera strap for the smaller cameras with smaller connections. So here it is:


These are now available in my Etsy store. They have split rings to connect to the smaller camera systems and come in black and brown. They are adjustable and have a soft leather shoulder pad.

I have finally finished my Ipad case design. I have been carrying mine for a couple of months now and love it! I made these roomy enough to carry a charger and other misc items in the front pocket. These are also available in my Etsy Store by clicking on the link in the right column.




Kilmalkadar Church, built in the 1100’s


Minnard Castle, Dingle Peninsula


Give the Gift of Design! Order Through Christmas Eve




A Porteen Gear Gift Certificate is a great gift. It lets your recipient personalize their own camera bag. Certificates come with complete instructions and are good for one year.

If you would like a certificate to be mailed, the deadline is Tuesday, December 18th. After that, any Gift Certificate purchases will be emailed to you in a pdf format that you can print out. (see photo below) Deadlines for emailed gift certificates are at noon (EST) on Christmas Eve.


You can purchase these in denominations of $50.00 and $100.00, OR if you know the size of camera bag desired, you can purchase in the denomination of the size of camera bag that includes shipping of the actual bag so your recipient has no out of pocket costs with their gift.


THE LAST SHIPPING DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH. If you live in the US, this is the last chance to have an In Stock item guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

New Small Camera/Utility Case!

New Zipper Camera Pouch! I decided to include this design in my store on a whim. I wanted to run out the door with my small Inter-changable lens camera the other day and all of my camera bags were too big for a quick journey, so I tossed my camera in my purse with my keys and other things bouncing around. I decided right then that I needed a pouch for quick transport.

This pouch has many other uses too, It can carry a DSLR lens up to 6 inches tall, It can also hold all of your misc. parts like battery chargers, batteries, media drive, etc. It is also sized to fit into all of my camera bags in one of the three interior compartments I will be using this bag a lot, solo or as a carry all for small parts in my full sized camera bags.

Specs: Leather Bottom, Tapestry top with a removable wrist strap. 3 inner pockets, for cards, money and a small pocket to fit an SD card.

Bag size: 9 inches long, by 5 inches tall by 2 inches wide.

I have three designs available in my store.